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When you choose a Joint Accreditation System Of India (JAS-IND) training course you can be sure that you will come away having gained valuable knowledge and practical skills that will help you to be more effective and efficient in your work and give you an extra qualification that may help in any future job application.

Global Presence

With global resources all over the world, whether you are looking to operate internationally or to expand locally to accommodate new business, JAS-IND is easily accessible and has the flexibility and capability to provide a first class service anywhere around the world.

Competent Assessors

JAS-IND qualified assessors worldwide have intensive industry experience, technical and regulatory knowledge to deliver the most meaningful and professional certification audits. JAS-IND has stringent qualification criteria when matching the assessor industry experience with the organization activities.

JAS-IND Registered" Logo

When registered with JAS-IND, you will be able to use the "JAS-IND Registered" logo to demonstrate to your customers, and to others that you are in compliance with international standards.